Tuesday, December 06, 2005

writing = words = images = sounds = spaces = learning =

I am having a bit of a go at writing a digital narrative at the moment, combining images, words on screen, oral words, movement, music. It ain't easy. It seems to be making all the inherent complications in my usual writing process (words on a page/screen)more... obvious. Which is really interesting. But also difficult. Trying to draw different together in different modes... trying not to think of them as distinct threads while I'm writing, but connected and interwoven... trying not to make it seem too contrived... trying to avoid linearity...
Listening to some spoken word poetry over the past few days has added to the complexity, because I'm more aware of sound and how that can create/add meaning. Too much to grapple with.

I'm probably over thinking it.

Why am I doing this?

Oh, no particular reason...


Anonymous said...

When I first heard Sylvia Plath read her own stuff I was amazed at how the music in the text was so different from the rendition my accent had given it. It was extraordinary how the meaning shifted for me.

iammywords said...

hi, i'm a blogger from India and i so know what you mean.
while growing up, i used to hear my mother, granny sing me poems, traditionally sung by mothers.
sometimes, these words are so rhythmic and lyrical, that those words independent may not sound as good,when separated.
those poems like you put them so well, "writing=words=images=sounds=spaces=learning=" yeah, they are put quite well.

Scott said...

how the digital narrative coming? when are you going to share?