Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Last day of school tomorrow. Feeling very ready for it. Colleague/friend 'L' and I over spending long days and nights on new year 11 curriculum. Happy with it, but sheesh. Over it.
Good (sometimes) to be in an organised, meticulous faculty but other times... sheesh. Over it.

No longer able to write in full sentences.

Fluency: spent.

Wits: L and I crossed into hysteria at exact same time... last Friday.

New favourite words: Sheesh and putz.

New favourite food: chicken, swiss cheese, prosciutto and avocado focaccias from The Grange. Good for curriculum writing.

Other new favourite food: raspberry and lemon curd friands from Food Depot. (next door to Grange). Also very good for curriculum writing.

New realisation: writing new year 11 curriculum can cement bonds forever. The dynamic duo will live on.

Current thoughts: wondering if fab 'Kath and Kim' pic that L and I put on the front cover of the Year 11 English Handbook will survive the editing process. Yes, it's relevant. But clipart usually the status quo.

141 pages... sheesh.

Must... sleep...

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