Wednesday, April 04, 2007

End of term

Poor blog. How I've neglected you. A whole term has passed by and not one single post to show for it (lucky that I have other things to show for it). But, after four days break including one show (Miss Saigon), two films (Becoming Jane and Reign Over Me) and a baking session culminating in honey chocolate cake, I'm ready to blog again (that and I'm procastinating from marking my Year 12 English SACs).

This term I've....

-Enjoyed teaching A Man for all Seasons

-Helped my Year 10's create their miraculous multimodal poems

-Shed a few tears with my year 11's when we watched Grave of the Fireflies

-Nursed my baby, my year 11 course, and watched with my colleague, with a certain degree of personal satisfaction, as it came alive for the students and teachers

-Scored a new position of responsibility (ICT consultant- starting next term, and it's not nearly as corporate as it sounds, or at least I won't allow it to be)

-Experienced yet another personal tragedy unfold in my staffroom (we're all getting very good at handling these now- lots of practice)

-Submitted my Masters (still biting my fingers in anticipation of the verdict)

-Taught music for the first time (oh, my poor ears)

-Attempted to change the world, and, you know, other stuff... ;-)


Scott said...

how about a coffee and a chat then?

Scott said...

you are such a good teacher. GOTFF is such a moving film and story.

nb said...

Sorry that I didn't get around to inviting you along for the ride, Scott. I really wanted to, I just couldn't find the headspace to do it.