Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kid Lit

I am currently trying to devour as much adolescent fiction as possible before I return to school and begin doing the 'book talk' for year 7 and 8 library classes. I want to make the most of this opportunity to develop a pretty decent understanding of this area of my practice, which I think is a bit lacking at the moment. I know my harry potters and my philip pullmans and my margo lanagans (my two most recent new loves) and I know what was around when I was fifteen, but I don't really think that is going cut it anymore. I love talking to my students about what they're reading, and the more I know, the better I'll get at it. I love recommending a book to student in the library and watch them sink into a cushion and begin to devour it.
The problem is that the librarian that I am filling in for has a better grasp of young adult fiction than anyone I've ever met. I don't know how she does it- she knows her library and every book in it like the back of her hand. I know that I don't have a hope of living up to that, but I want to give it my best shot. Hence wishing that one could read an entire novel by simply placing one's hand on the cover until the words unstick themselves from the pages. Hey presto, one book down- next! I've tried it- it doesn't work. I have a feeling that the Inside a Dog website and I will become very well acquainted, as I try furiously to keep up with my reading.

My list for the hols:

I'm going for the 'eclectic' approach. I'm currently reading this:

which I am enjoying, particularly the use of musical imagery in the voice of one of the narrators.

But I really want to be reading this:

and especially this

Unfortunately, the students must have beaten me to it, since I couldn't find them on the shelf. ;)


Jo McLeay said...

Hi nb,
I read It's not all about you Calma and loved it, so then I read the previous one by the same author which was excellent. I also read Hitler's daughter which was good as well. Staying in touch with the librarian is how I keep up. Happy reading

nb said...

Yes, I have a fond memory of the librarian reading a page or two from Jonsberg's 'The whole business with Kiffo and the Pitbull' to my year 8 class a couple of years ago. The kids were in stitches and so was I.

Chris Best said...

As a youngger teacher (25 years old) I am for the first time identifying a generational gap between my students and I, despite most of my students actually being within tbhe same generation as I am.

For the first time I am finding myself having to explore and investigate the in's and out's of their generation, and to keep up with it to maintain my "cred" within the classroom.